North rewards (FINALLY!)
Okay, I know this is so late and trust me, I've been beating myself up about it, but the January rewards are finally done! $5 and $10+ patrons should be receiving an email within the hour with links to your specific rewards. $20+ patrons will be getting your mailed rewards sent out tomorrow. (It's also a new email format — I'm sending out rewards using Mailchimp now, so feel free to give me feedback on that! I'm hoping these emails are easier to read and more visually appealing than previous ones.)

As usual, if you have any questions, don't receive your email, or believe you've received the wrong rewards, please let me know! There are so darn many of you now that I am bound to make a mistake or two.

(Also, I promise that February rewards will be delivered in the first week of March. I'm never letting this happen again — too much stress! 😂)