Norwegian Grammar: Norwegian Nouns
Learn about Norwegian nouns and how to inflect (conjugate) Norwegian nouns/norske substantiver. Norwegian speech with Norwegian subtitles. Read the Norwegian transcript while you listen ► Learn Norwegian with Learn Norwegian Naturally ► Facebook ► Norwegian nouns and knowing how to inflect them are one of the difficult parts in the Norwegian language, simply because there are three genders with different inflection patterns (hankjønn, hunnkjønn and intetkjønn). If you want to read more about this topic, you can read this article I wrote (in English) ► Thank you very much for leaving comments below! I will definitely reply to your question if you have any questions. Snakkes snart! :-) Peder If you like my work and you want to support the series, you can do that on Patreon ► Music by Peder B. Helland ►
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