Nose to the grindstone!
Man, Thanksgiving was a nice 4 day weekend.  Then it was back to the Kubert School grind full force.  I love the stress.  I know it sounds weird but I kind of thrive on the pressure.  I love the increased inspiration and creative juices that comes with it.  So one We are pressing to get the last of the assignments done before the almost 3 week Christmas break/end of semester.  I have several assignments that will be done, and hopefully returned before the break and I will post up here.  I have one that I think will be a great reward for my Patrons.  More to post later.  Tonight as I'm working on a 4 panel pages showing extreme angled panels and I think it's coming out great!  Here is an advertisement comp I did for my layout class and a panel sneak peak at my 4 panel extreme page.