Nostalgia Train Review: King of Dragon Pass
Recommended: A compelling mix of management sim, turn-based strategy of sorts, and narrative adventure, King of Dragon Pass is the kind of game to try even just out of interest for it's sheer uniqueness.  A very rich theme and lore elevates this well-done management games into one of my favourite games of yesteryear, and given it's now on GOG, it's well worth a look.  The only real negatives I have to say about the game is the complexity does make the game have a bit of a process to learn, and getting it to run on modern hardware can be a chore.  Brave those issues though, and you'll find a beautiful world rendered with artistic hand-painted imagery that creates a saga of your clan of your own.  That player choice is key here, and it's one of only a few narrative based-games to really nail the aspect of player agency - this is the story of your clan, and it's quite a captivating one.

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