Not all who Wander
Hitting 'submit' on the publish of this Patreon is easy. Building a site, a collection of intentions and things and putting it out here is oddly easy. 

Keeping it up and letting all you amazing friends and supporters actually support me? It's exceedingly humbling, and far more difficult. I'm proud of myself for putting myself out there -especially after my attempt at a Kickstarter for a pin (for the image above, no less)! And while future kickstarters are in the works and plans (and will be shared for subscribed patreons), it's now living up to the promises I am setting for my subscribers. 

I'm trying to keep things small. I'm more than happy to add higher tiers (10$, 15$, etc) once I know I'll have the time to full fill them. I'm deeply flattered and humbled to have those of you that have pledged before I even got this welcome out. You people amaze me to heart-felt tears! 

This also gives you (some) right to kick my ass if I fall behind. Politely. >.> I certainly can use the cheerleaders!