Hey, everyone: Jeff here with a super-quick update. The tote bags have gone live! The first one goes out in the mail today (along with some stickers and extra extras) and we're really happy with how it turned out. Graeme and I really wanted a good bag for comic book shopping and con shlepping so this 100% cotton bag measures 15" wide x 14½" high. It's not quite tall enough for, say, IDW's artist editions, but I was able to put something as tall as Ed Piskor's Hip-Hop Family Tree or Steranko's History of Comics Vol. 2 in the bad and have it completely covered. The bag also has an expanding 3" gusset so it can hold a lot of stuff: although I wasn't able to put them in or take them out all at the same time, I was able to fit both volumes of the hardcover Kamandis and vol. 2 of the Jack Kirby omnibus spine down. Graeme and I know you guys are doing what you do to support the podcast, not make out like the kings of swag (which sounds either like a terrible Kings of Leon cover band or those dudes who fought Conan after Roy Thomas left the title), but we wanted to make sure people who contributed at the reward level got good value for their much-appreciated investment. I think this bag does just that. Like I said, it should be going out in the mail today, along with stickers to patrons at the $5 and $10 levels. (This, I'm not quite as proud of as there are a few people who just missed out on our first round of mailing and I didn't realize how long they'd been waiting until I sat down recently.) Dropbox links will be sent out before the end of the week (hopefully, after we put up a rough cut of our Portland video, which could be the subject of a whole 'nother rambling post in and of itself), and I have to jump to continue editing Wait, What?, Ep. 160 so it can go up and out. Again, we know you guys aren't doing this to haul in the loot but this episode has a giveaway in it (largely thanks to the very generous Graeme McMillan) and it's not even a first-come, first-serve giveaway so you don't have to chain-listen in order to have a chance to win! And we also have us talking about comic books, which we hope is still a thing you enjoy. Here endeth the update! Hope all is well. And thank you again.
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