Not a Clone update: Improving graphics in Not Angry Things
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What’s this!? A new update on Not a Clone!? Yup, we finally have something new to show off since the brainstorming sketches nearly three weeks ago.

First, the graphics in the clones formerly known as Not Angry Things and Not Angry Disks has been changed to Angry Monkeys and Angry Thieves respectively. Why? Well, as you can see from the preview GIF, the graphics to these minigames have completely changed, and the renaming seemed appropriate. Thanks again to Astra Wijaya for the graphical improvements.

On a different note, I believe I haven’t introduced the rest of the team members working on this project. We’re a four-men team, consisting of:

  • Myself, Taro Omiya, as the game designer and programmer (and the creator of the original game)
  • Astra Wijaya, naturally, as the artist
  • Chase Bethea as the sound designer
  • and lastly, Dylan Bramblett as programmer.

I’m going to do my best to give some highlights to other features implemented in the game so that other team members can get their spotlight, too. First, Dylan put together a translation interface that reads in a spreadsheet, and turns it into texts that changes based on the player’s language settings. Since we’re early in development, there haven’t been any translations outside of Pig Latin. Still, when we do finalize every texts in the game, we should be able to translate the game to other languages very quickly.

Here’s to hoping the next update will come quickly (without E3 bothering us).