"Not Enough Tracks For An Album EP" is scheduled
A few seconds ago I've uploaded the tracks of my new EP to my publishing-service and scheduled it for the 1st of July. That means: I have two months to spread the word about my new music. I've already uploaded a snippet of track 1 "Complex Heaven" on Soundcloud and in the next weeks snippets for track 2, 3 and 4 will follow. After that I'm going to upload videos on YouTube and Facebook and post them as sponsored posts. Hopefully this will bring some attention to my new music...

But the best thing about all this is: If you sign up as a Patron, you will have all the tracks before the end of may! Because: Whenever there's a new snippet on Soundcloud, there will be the full track on Patreon! So you will hear my new tracks before anyone else. In full length! :-)

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