A not entirely new page :D
While I really don't have the time to work on new pages I still manage to do a few touch-ups. One of those being:  BIRDS!

A while back a friend of mine, who's decidedly better at birds than I am had the idea of a "Bird Bootcamp"  in order to remedy that fault to a degree!

My birds are still far from perfect, but look a lot better than before already.

This page will go live on the website when I managed to rework a few others. On the list are:

- the page after this also for the raven

- the first and second page for the improved castle layout

(Nothing that changes the story, but makes it tighter and the location a little more sensible. )

After that I'll also finally release the second chapter as a PDF on the gumroad store! (And here on Patreon for you guys :D)

So I hope you enjoy this little intermezzo! It'd feel really awful if I didn't give you anything for the time I'm working on my bachelor thesis.

On that note: I also played with the thought of releasing new pages on Patreon as I finish them (for when I work on my buffer again), what do you guys think about that?