not everyone is gonna get it, but that's ok.
(public post)  

not everyone is gonna get it, but that's ok. 

I write and I produce content for those who I know will get it.  

those who are on the journey to becoming.

and who just need to see that the next two steps forward are doable.  

so it's 3:20pm and I was going to edit this afternoon.  

but i have a feeling in my soul that I need to get this out, because this is more important right now. 

first of all, I know I say this in basically every post, but it's important to me to cultivate the integrity of this space.  

So here I am again: it means A LOT to me to have you here and have you believe in my work. I did the rough math based on the analytics I get back from various things and I'd approx that there are couple hundred, maybe 1000 people who regularly follow my journey and my work.  

And there's a handful of you here. Do you know what that means?! You are brilliant. You are brave. You have a heart that fuels mine. You help to give me faith that is bigger than me. You are the first. And I hope it means something sacred to you that we get to share this space. I legit think of writing to you almost everyday and have to stop myself... hold on, anita, there are other things you need to make first. 

I can feel it deep within my soul. We will go on to create many many incredible things. Because I will not be beholden to needing to please sponsors, or creating a “brand” that sponsors would like. We will - and we are - simply creating the things that resonate most deeply from my soul. 

I disappeared from Instagram for almost a week last week, and you know what brought me back? You. As I write in the description of my Patreon profile, though the pledging is organized into “per video”, everything I create is from the same spirit.  

Instagram is also my art and is a solid production of creative soul. What I write there is = to a whole blog post. (and eventually I will put it on my actual blog.) The photos I put there - they are not "just for instagram”. They are my art too. I study and hone that craft. 

and I study and hone my video craft so that I can do better on that platform too. 

So just so you know, if you don’t check my Instagram often: you are a part of that too. And by the comments I get on Insta - people feel it. people are inspired. So by proxy - you are also helping to inspire the world.  :) jaaaas wanted to let you know. you are so appreciated by my, and by proxy, so appreciated by everyone who appreciates my content. 


I wrote a piece on IG on money

and a piece today about… living with my whole heart

also, writing these longer pieces for you on Patreon has turned on my writing faucet on. I want to write so much more! I have a feeling I’m going to start writing longer pieces and put them on Medium too. So that the writing can get out there - not just on Insta.  

Lots to do next month as we finally will have our own space! I’m really psyched for this next chapter. 


Speaking of money, I have a lot more I want to share about conscious money and will be doing so through my writing. I’ve learned A LOT about the energetics of money and I feel compelled to share it because so many people have all this fear about money that stops them from going for their dreams. 

It’s a touchy topic. Most people, especially artists, are afraid to talk about money. and talk about it openly and honestly. I’m going to open up that can of worms/peanut butter for our tribe. Even though I don’t “need” to bring up a topic that others would find awkward, I’m doing it because It’s important. The more people who can live in a state of abundance and not in fear, the better.  

I’d rather live in a world where the good people know how to make money and use it to do good things in the world. Not a world where all the greedy, power-driven people have all the money and the artists and creative souls think they need to starve to make a living.  

So that’s what I’m to help create through my content.  

Money itself is neither good or bad. It’s what you do with it that matters. 

this can of peanut butter worms is going to be SO juicy. 😃 

you’ll hear some of what I have to say about MONEY in my Paris video. 

Paris video: it’s called "commitment to the craft." and I think my soul is transitioning to moving out of the travel category altogether. You’ll see lots Paris it in, but I won't include it in the title. 

and when you see the video, you’ll see that Paris is the backdrop, not the focus of the content. I’ve started the edit but haven’t hit the sweet spot where the edit comes together magically due to travel hiccups, but it’s okay. it will come. 

I wanted to write this update to you first. 

that’s it for now. 

Please click the little heart and leave me a comment if you have a moment. I love hearing from you. Thank you thank you thank you. And if you need a pick me up, go and read the comments on my Instagram. Or, i should say, our instagram. Go and read them. You are a part of all this too. 

Infinite Love & Hugs from Paris!!! 

Anita xx

P.S. jammed to this song while writing: I love seeing artists spread important ideas through their work. yaaaas.

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