Not Long At All
It is interesting to me how in medicine individual cases differ greatly.  A month ago I went into the emergency room late in the evening, was seen by a house doctor, and was on the operating table the next morning.  My wife went into the same emergency room with a similar complaint but higher pain levels on Monday morning, was not seen by a surgeon until Tuesday (we'll give them that Monday was a holiday), and as it is now Wednesday afternoon to the best of my knowledge they have not yet decided whether to operate, although they have attempted a non-surgical repair (leaving her in greater pain).

It occurs to me that the pain level thing is very speculative.  I actually laugh when I go through triage and other evaluation processes in hospitals, when they ask that inevitable question, "On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worst pain you've ever had, how would you rate the pain you are having now?"  After my brief laugh I say, "You have to understand that on one occasion I spilled flaming oil on my right hand.  Compared to that, the kidney stones I've had come in around seven."  They tell me I have a high pain threshold; that's got to be good for something, right?

In any case, I miss having my wife home.  Sure, she interrupts things quite a bit when she is here, but I'm not sure that she interrupts less when I drive to the hospital every day to visit her, and I like having dinner with her and watching television together (Internet, we still don't have cable).  I'll be leaving shortly to see her--right after I finish posting these few things, take the trash to the convenience center (not the dump, a place the township maintains to collect trash and recyclables and take them elsewhere), and possibly make a quick stop at the store.  So yes, there's stuff to do, but I'll get there soon.

Meanwhile, for Lauren Hastings, time is moving slowly--but we speed it up for our readers in Old Verses New; Chapter 54, Hastings 61, as decades fly past, the world changes around her, and she accomplishes a few things along the way.

I have been poking at the second edition Multiverser books and formatting pages for upload for the second novel, but mostly in snippets of time stolen along the way.