Not Much to Show
I spent a few hours late last night writing, organizing, rewriting, and reorganizing the materials from the growing Faith in Play series into two separate series, the other tentatively RPG-ology but still subject to revision.  I now have to parallel series running a bit better than half a year each and growing, with quite a few ideas pending, but none of that will reach you for quite a while.

I have posted For Better or Verse; Chapter 52, Hastings 110, in which Lauren has much the same sort of situation--she is doing a lot of work that amounts to practice and preparation, but not overcoming the biggest obstacle in her path.  The biggest obstacle in my path is thinking of one more espionage adventure for Derek that will occupy him for a few chapters and then get him killed without overly disappointing the reader, so he can join the others for the end of the book but not too soon.  Yeah, it sounds simple to me, too.