Not Quite Stationary
The surgical staples were removed from my abdomen this morning.  It was not terribly painful, but the repeated sting may have been the worst pain I've had since before the surgery.  That's a credit to the surgeon, I would guess, and since one of his physician assistant students did the staple removal he is freed from blame for that--although somehow I think that a standard staple remover would have done the job a bit better than the small pliers that are the standard tool.

I am disappointed to have been told that I am not to begin my swimming routine until after my next appointment in four weeks, which means I'll have missed about half the summer.  Apart from the stair climbing I do constantly (to get to the laundry and pantry facilities in the basement) this is my exercise program, and I can only do it in the summer, so I'm missing some important workout time.  Well, better that than that I bust a seam and have the stuffing pour out.

Meanwhile, as promised, web log post #89:  Novel Confrontations provides the behind-the-writings look at the next nine chapters (37 through 45, already published) of Old Verses New.  It has its moments.

I don't have anything pending at the moment, but that often changes quickly so don't go far.

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