Not really working for me?
Maybe I'm not putting enough into this blog thing. Maybe I need to focus my efforts on one project. I think when the smackjeeves premium subscription is expired, I'll probably try Tapastic, or something.

I feel weird asking people for money. When I did a gofundme I did get a pledge, but I returned it as I didn't have enough money to do what I promised to do with it (commission artists to draw my stuff). However, my art is getting better, so soon that may no longer be an issue. I need to get next Tuesday's comic done soon. I have until Tuesday, and class doesn't meet for 3 weeks, so, that should make it easier. Now, I need to renew my subscription to Poets and Writers and enter some contests. Test that aspect of my creative muscle. We'll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading. Check out the comic on and thank you!

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