Not seeing me posting here? That's good news, it means I'm actively working on my art!
Some fellow Patreon artist pointed out lately: "You have to be more active on Patreon if you want it to work, brother!"

I totally understand, these sort of social network and fund raising scheme usually demand we spend lots of time on it, posting, networking, updating, posting some more...

Personally, I'd rather spend more time sitting in front of my easel, and hold pen and brushes rather than running my hands on a keyboard. I may not have as many Patreon supporters as other, but at least I can tell that the ones I have will be spoiled with frequent, exciting art!

So bottomline, if you don't see me posting daily on Patreon, that means I'm actively working on creating comics!

Thanks for the support folks!!

(Back to my drawing board now.)