Not a Sexist Thing
I posted another book review to Goodreads, on a book entitled Motion to Suppress by a couple of sisters who gave themselves a clever pseudonym.  If you follow my Goodreads reviews you can find it there; I don't usually record the links of those, as it's a lot of work to access the link.

As mentioned, I have also published web log post #49:  Duchovny, Anderson, Sexism, and the Free Market, focusing on the recent outrage over the statement that producers offered the actress half of what they were paying the actor for "the same work", and why that is misplaced.

It's also one of Lauren Hastings' days, as among other things she goes shopping in advance of the upcoming battle in Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 77, Hastings 27.  That reminds me that I'll need a behind-the-writings title tomorrow.

I am also toying with writing something about nudity as a form of free speech, primarily because it is one of the last articles my father sent me before he died, but I'll probably wait a few days on that.

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