A not-so-great video, and the next webcast / video
Hi Patrons!

An interesting video

I had an idea about an interesting video that  I recorded, but didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. It was a recording of myself playing two instruments together for the first time (a xylophone playing rhythm, and a recorder playing melody), in order to share insights in to the difficulties of playing two different things together, which is what we're doing with the accordion. 

I have the video, but the insights didn't really shine. I'll upload it and share it with you and maybe you'll get something out of it.

A video or webcast for Patrons

Instead, or in addition to a webcast this month, I would love to hear what you're having difficulty with, or what you're learning, and how I can help. If you send me a question, I'll try and address it in a video that I'll share with patrons. Send me your ideas and I'm happy to help, especially while our group is this size.

Thanks you all, again, for all your support.

Ronen (moshezuchter)

[email protected]

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