Not Sure About Today
I seem to be getting a slow start today--the brain doesn't want to stretch at the moment.  I have uploaded Verse Three, Chapter One: The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 44, Hastings 16, which covers several things in the aftermath of Lauren's fight; I'll be hitting some real world work within the next hour, taking someone to work and picking up a few thneeds from the grocery store (a thneed is something that everyone needs, if you missed that--in this case, vegetables for dinner).  After that, I'm not sure where my focus will go--that eclectic aspect has me thinking about continuing work on that fourth novel (I've progressed with Derek's story, trying to move to his new adventure), or watching that time travel movie on YouTube recommended to me (sometimes those independents are excellent, like 11 Minutes Ago or Safety Not Guaranteed), or going through the slush files to find something political on which I wanted to comment (I know there's stuff in the "pocket" of my Firefox browser, and do not remember what any of it might be).  But I'm sure I'll think of something.

Meanwhile, enjoy the book; it's a longish chapter today, but the day only feels longish.