NOT Winter RV'ing Has an Advantage?
 I know it almost seems like an alien concept but I really think that Ohio has finally given up its cold winter and decided to move towards Spring. I know the title of this seems a little bit misleading however I think that there are some advantages of not rving through the winter and being stuck inside of a house. And really the only advantage that is getting pumped for whenever the weather does change for the better so you can go rving. I do have a little bit of faith in the saying too much of a good thing. I mean that's why we don't eat desserts all the time and also why Friday doesn't happen 7 times a week. So Northeast Ohio looks like that we're going to be into the fifties and sixties and for late March that pretty much sums up the end of winter for good. Now I'm knocking on wood because of course there's always a chance of a snow fall that comes out of nowhere but as far as it last thing any amount of time it doesn't look like it. So now it's time to start getting organized so we can downsize and get sold some of the things that we just don't need anymore.