Note from the CEO - How your contributions are handled
By introducing this Patron page, we changed our business model and how we present the Word of the Nerd image.  Being funded by YOU, our readers and fans, we are able to provide honest and unbiased content.

As each goal is reached and surpassed, we will be able to provide more higher quality content and invest back into the website to make improvements.

Goal #1 - The site becomes self-sustaining.  We can cover the costs of maintaining the website.  Costs of hosting, domain registrations, email service, plugin fees, etc.  That money will also go toward promotional items, advertising and Patreon perks.  A percentage of the surplus funds will be donated to various cancer charities. 

Goal #2 - The funding at this level will go toward the upkeep and updating of our video and audio equipment.  Funds will also be used to purchase and update any software needed for our creative endeavors.  Again, a percentage of the surplus will be donated to cancer charities.

Goal #3 - This is one of our most important funding levels.  This level will go toward compensation for the Word of the Nerd staff.  Surplus funds will also be donated to charities.

It is important for us to maintain a "non-profit" status beyond the operating costs of the website.  None of the contributions from our Patreons are used to line anyone's pockets.  Percentages of any profits are donated to cancer charities or used to reinvest back into the website.

As our level of funding increases, the percentage of charity donations will also increase.  Our intention is to control the amount of profit we make and to where those funds are used.  At the same time we must maintain a level of transparency as we rework into a total non-profit organization.  Think of Word of the Nerd as the NPR of nerd and pop culture coverage.  

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