A Note On Reward Fulfillment
To all my current and future patrons,

Patreon collects pledges on the 1st of every month, so everyone that’s already pledged will see those transactions go through at that time.

While this won’t affect certain rewards, it will, at least initially, affect the production and shipment of prints.

Here’s how I anticipate the $10 level to work: I’ll wait until the 1st of every month to see who is a current patron before figuring out how many prints will need to be printed and shipped. Based on past printing experience, I’ll allow 2 weeks for production and shipping, at which point I will ship everyone’s prints as soon as I have them in hand. So, everyone who is a patron at that tier will receive their prints near the end of each month. 

Of course, I will keep you updated if anything changes. 

Thanks again for your support!