A Note To Self When Directing Music Videos:
Dear Future Wettworker,

I don't care how low-budget the project is, or how hurried it is, or how ragtag it is... Never ever ever ever ever ever ever direct a music video without adding audio slate tags to the track ever again. By omitting a task that would have taken you sixty seconds in January, you hath created about twenty hours of unnecessary work as you struggle to perfectly sync up hundreds of performance shots.

"If skip even just one step, you make five more for yourself down the road."
- Grandpa Jack, Authority: The Southern Reach Trilogy

Past Wettworker

P.S. - If you're all wondering why I haven't been Patreon-posting every couple days it's because I've been in the throes of editing this video I directed for Petrify. It's fucking gnarly and I love it. I have no life when I edit and it feels so productive. It's the most addicting form of solitude when you're being productive. I love you all. Lots of goodies coming for you. Don't worry. (Including some cool looking free merch for all of you supporters.) Stay tuned. <3