Note To Self; Oh & An Update Too
So I managed to finally write my first article well ahead of schedule. I scheduled it to release today at 7pm EST. All good.

That was at least until I learned that my Wordpress website is set to a COMPLETELY different time-zone!!!! Resulting in the article being released a fewof hours early!!!

Oh well, I caught the slight mistake early, fixed it in the back-end, and now everything is set to release at 7pm.

Well with this short little (and arguably adorable) outburst of mine brings me to my short little update; a new article is being released and it's Funding Options for Comic Creators (visit after 7pm EST) and I'm getting ahead of my work!

I'll be working today to get even further ahead as I work on my newsletter that will release on Saturday and another article for 2 weeks from today!

Stay tuned everyone!