A Note To You, My Wonderful Patrons
I want to apologize to you all. I promise I haven't forgotten about you. Here's the thing: I don't like admitting it to myself, much less saying it out loud in a way that could appear to be sad- or, worse, a complaint- but it is hard for me to write. Either I am too depressed, too sick, too with my kids, in too much pain or too tired from painkillers, to sit down and put something reasonably readable together. BUT (I am happy this story doesn't end after one paragraph) I have been climbing out of my depression for a while now and feel like I'm on pretty solid footing. AND, my pain has been getting easier to control. I just met with my pain doctor yesterday and we have a plan for lowering the dosage of my pain meds. Nothing has changed, pancreatitis-wise, but I'm sick of having a fuzzy head and have some tools in place to manage my pain without as much narcotics. Or that's the hope. I'm not quite sure what to make of the patience the 19 of you have had with me. It's new to me. I thank you from the southern tip of my heart. And, you know, when I'm rich and famous, the first thing I do is repay you guys somehow. P.S. I am nearly done with a new post, which I'll put here of course. And I'll tell you now that I quit beating myself up trying to figure out how to write a book when it one day occurred to me I already had. So I've been going back through my blog and Facebook stuff. I'll be editing and smushing together that stuff and making something new! Yes, and that will go here, too. So, as I'm sure won't surprise any of you, what will happen soon is that the floodgates will open and posts will pop up here faster than you can shake a stick. I love you all, Tom