Notes from the Great Iconoclash (The war of symbols and language)


These notes come from unknown origins but can serve as a simple glossary of terms as a reference, but should also be understood to potentially cause problems with any true apprehension of the very concepts described. The terms listed can only be truly experienced aside from any definition through metaphor and the extrapolation of other linguistic devices, and not as related to any concepts of familiarity. CAUTION: DO NOT ALLOW THESE WORDS TO BECOME PHANTOM CONCEPTS BOUND AND CONSTRAINED BY THE LABELS THEY ARE DESCRIBED BY! Read further at your own discretion.


The colloquial description of specific exploits which allow the source code of any given level of simulacrum to be affected directly from inside that particular abstraction layer.  (most consider these to be unintentional glitches and the result of random phenomena that when utilized properly sidestep the intentionally designed constraints within the “virtual machine” running any given level).  

A secret sect within the archons working as a disruptive force opposing all structure and hierarchy. The rulers of forces and powers dedicated to sowing the seeds of self deconstruction of power structures and the promotion of literal anarchy.


A form of grammar whereby disorder is the inherent “structure” of the syntax, morphology, semantics, linguistics, phonology, etc.

Argot (The)

the jargon or slang of a particular group or class. (The) dyslexicon and the anagrammar based on the cacaphonetics, askueomorphology, asemantics, and asyntax which when taken as a whole communicate the body of the illiterature.


A system of design based on wholly unfamiliar and disjointed forms.


The set of “rules” prescribing the disarrangement of words and phrases within a specific  language.


The Anarchons and the forces being utilized by the Anarchons as well as all the associated beliefs, actions, ideologies, etc. spoken of collectively. Often used to refer to the secret sect of “followers” and their practices. Largely considered a misnomer by “the Asynium” itself since the antithesis of structure and form and leader / followers relationships is their primary cause.


The unpronounceable intoned base sounds which form the atonals which produce the antithetical waveforms of creation, and form the basis for the Argot. 


the vocabulary of words which make up the Argot, and are used to describe the branch of knowledge covered in the illiterature.

Hexadus or (sometimes) Hexodus (The)

The mass migration of followers of the utopian ideal to the 8th sphere surrendering to embeddedness in simulacrum as an absolute state of idealized utopia.


The expression of differentiation as conflict of ideation through symbols and language.

(also referred to as “the fall” or “the fall of babel” not as a singular historical event but instead an ongoing state of conflict and “confusion”).

Illiterature (The)

The collective body of works relating an understanding gathered by following a specific ARGOT repeated in what is often designed to appear as an asemic language based on unpronounceable cacaphonetics, allowing the communication of the abracadalgorithm to be decentralized and scattered about in plain sight within common art and media.

The anarchons distributed the abracadalgorithm by encoding it throughout the illiterature itself, written in a very specific argot designed to appear as an asemic language. This allowed it to be scattered about in plain sight within common art and media without most of the observers even being aware that there was any subtle message contained. Many spread the message by becoming compelled to copy specific forms and style without even knowing or understanding what or why they were spreading. Even those noticing something were very unlikely to be able to decipher and discern any true meaning. The only way to discern any true meaning was by a process which resulted in the systematic deconstruction of the very underpinnings of the paradigm they existed and had entrapped themselves within.

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