notes on #metamodernism
Hi everyone, 

I am starting to write the catalog for this fall solo show at the astronomical institute, and for this purpose I am scavenging everything I can find on the internet that can help me explain my approach to art, better than I did so far.  So as usual this is sort of my scratch pad :)

I'll gladly read what you guys think of it, don't hesitate to leave a comment or share you own resources on the topic!

I know I am not a modernist, a few years ago I worked on a project called the future of art and that got me to read many articles on that topic and I know I don't really belong to this ideology. The whole rejection of tradition, search for dissonance, etc is something that I can often admire but I know it's not me. 

I am an oscillating kind of artist that strives for experimentation, but I like to inscribe my work in a tradition, I feel like even if you don't want to, it's just the way things are, we look at things with an eye shaped by history. I need to relate things to a context, for me I'd be a fool to pretend I can extract my work and my person from it.

My work is characterized by a will of being on the edges of things, between hope and irony, between consistency and novelty, optimism and doubt, faith and rationality, it is like the pulsating polarities of the pulsars I am working on. 

The movement that best corresponds to what I seek to explore and describe is called metamodernism. It is strongly associated with the era of the internet and network and a lot of non traditional media (including video games). This is where I feel the most free to be, because as a metamodernist, it is ok to be a painter, and a writer, and a game designer. 

The main question in my works, whatever the media, is to interrogate this limit between what is real and what is not? What lives outside of our mind and what lives inside? How does our sense, our equipment in a way, influences the way we perceive and describe reality? Where is this boundary?

I worked on a game called Fractal space (if you like adventure games, have a look, it is free on android and really cheap on iOS) and in the scenario, this is the exact questions that we ask, where is the limit between the inside of the box and the rest of your life and what crosses this invisible frontier? 

In my paintings I ask how do we look at a landscape, is the landscape even there or do we create it because we are conscious of the history of landscape painting? How do we look at the data from science, what does it mean to interpret a regular beep from a pulsar? How does light affect our perception of what we see? is it what space really looks like, what seas really look like? Is it just our perception, and what we think or is it there, is it real?

This article on the subject is really interesting if you are curious to know more 

I am using the opportunity to share a photo of one of the works that will be on display this fall, it's for the gamma rays chapter of the exhibition. I'll go back to working on the catalogue and the text to explain the intention for the show this year. Waiting for a last couple of fundings answer so cross fingers with me, otherwise I'll have to sell a lot of postcards and a lot of catalogues this fall :)

Thank you to the new patron who has just come on board, I am delighted to count you in!

Talk to you soon guys and je vais traduire cet article en français dans la semaine :)