Notes on Cutting Richard II: How Long a Time Lies in One Little Word! (Preview)
By: Molly Perling

I tender you my service, such as it is, being tender, raw, and young

        Richard II was the first history play I ever read [1]. That could be impressive. I could have a lifelong connection to the play, could’ve picked it up when I was small and had it open my eyes to the beauty of Shakespeare. But I didn’t. I didn’t read Richard II until this February, the day I volunteered to help cut the script. But now, Richard is, if not my favorite play, in the top 3. At least the top 3 tragedies. (It totally counts as a tragedy. It’s called The Tragedy of Richard the Second. See? Tragedy!)

        When I volunteered to help edit, I figured I brought two major things to the table. First: time. Being homeschooled, I was able to shift my life around editing a play. Second: ruthlessness. All of the other editors were already emotionally attached to the Second Tetralogy [2]. I had no such quibbles. (I was, unfortunately, very attached to the poetry, although I didn’t know it yet.) The age-old editing advice of “kill your darlings” was going to be a piece of cake! I had no darlings! Bring it on, Richard II.

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