Notes on Convention on the Rights of the Child

Convention on the Rights of the Child

NOTE: The “child's right” to choose is missing from the Rights of the Child – some of us grew up with the sentiment that humans respect the child right to choose and it is not available for sale to a political polarized judge. Why bother protecting when States reserves the right to kill children.

Per Google:

The “child's right” to choose which parent to live with varies considerably from state to state. There seems to be a misconception among parents that there is a “magical age” (usually 12, 13, or 14) at which a child can “choose” one custodial arrangement over another.

REM (very few highlights):

deception used by state to overcome the wish of a child to be with his father

contrary to Article 18, State Stigma sabotage and promote political retaliation against fathers.

[C-IS] WA state same as many other states, forced the child to be with his mother -- states later to even consider taking the child away. Some cases, the father was drugged and jailed in the due process of a “fair trial”

Article 29, a child development? [atrocious] is to be nurtured through psychological abuse until the child refuses to know the house he was born in. Discover cases as such of GOV atrocities.

Article 33, psychotropic substances is to be delivered to the child by State licensed doctors until such child is transformed and inherit political views and doctrine of a particular democracy. Remember Ceausescu children and the 1995 case.

Article 37, except as prescribed by a corrupt State Stigma

[Rights of the Child] What is the distinction between a corrupt judge and a common criminal when abducting someone else’s child? [for a higher cause not for money?]

OHCHR Document attached for references in case of modifications.