NOTES PS2J 79 - Pebble's Foundation Update
Pebble, the first consumer smart watch, sells out to a fitness giant! No Man’s Sky has Alan’s attention, but can it regain his interest? And both guys have 15 minutes adult animated shows to recommend!

Firefox and Tor vulnerability
  • can send attacker IP and MAC address (identifies your computer and location)
  • Update to latest version (50.0.2)

African elephants

  • 98% tuskless now in some areas
  • Previously 2-6%

Delete spam calendar invites

  • move to other calendar, delete calendar
  • Change iCloud settings to receive via email
  • Apple working to identify and block senders

No Man's Sky foundation update

  • creative/survival difficulties
  • Base and camp building with resources, storage, and helpers
  • Frigate (mobile base)
  • New resources and menus
  • Is it enough?

Netflix offline mode

  • Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Limitless, Burn After Reading
  • 280-440 MB per hour
  • Everything has a different expiry- stuff with less than 7 days will show time left
  • Some items need to be finished within 48 hours

Fitbit buying Pebble

  • 2015 they had an offer for $740M from Citizen- deal failed
  • Before Pebble 2 Intel offered $70M
  • CEO declined both
  • Fitbit paying around $40M
  • Pebble response on Twitter (now deleted)- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Windows 10 blowing speakers on new MacBook Pros

  • updated drivers available now
  • Damage is permanent
  • Apple is replacing but due to low stock may face wait time of weeks

Mario Maker 3DS

  • saves are locked to your DS

@Babylonian and Pokemon

Recommend Harvey Birman

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