NOTES: Terminator, time travel, and "John" Connor
Sometimes I plan out blog posts or essays and write notes for myself. Notes that end up sounding a lot like fanfiction :P ----- TERMINATOR => original John sends Kyle Reese back to protect Sarah. Sarah gets pregnant. Original John ceases to exist. Sarah names her son "John" because that's what original Sarah did. (Side-note: For all we know, she named original-John after his father or someone in his father's family. That connection is lost because John is John.) Sarah knows that John Connor will grow up to lead the resistance against the machines, so she sets out to train her son in everything he needs to know. Everything Sarah teaches John about the future is stuff she learned from Kyle Reese. And her ramblings, which were saved in a police report and her psychiatric files, was also known by the machines.-- So the machines know they create time travel to come back and kill Sarah Connor and John Connor, so that's why they do it. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Each time travel changes the ways events play out: T1 -- added the arm, which led to earlier advancements and the "liquid metal" in T2. The training Sarah got John led to... T2 -- Future-John is able to repogram T-800s and get them to fight on his side. = At this point, timelines canonically diverge into TtSCC and T3 = T3 -- Sarah died of cancer in 1997. RoTM-John has spent years on the run, lying and stealing, basically becoming someone whose first impulse is to hide. "Liquid metal" comes back, he ends up locked in a bunker for J-Day, and that's it. I feel like his personal growth as a character was weak. Salvation -- seems like a divergent-John. Honestly, I cannot see RoTM-John becoming Salvation-John, though that may be in part because Salvation-John is played by post-Batman Begins Christian Bale. Personal hangups aside, Salvation feels like yet another timeline. TtSCC -- this series was meta gold. There was so much depth added to the character of Sarah Connor, and I could see John evolving into someone that could be a leader of men. Mention: changing timelines ala the Grays, Derek and Jesse. The machines affecting history. The time jump adding years to Sarah's life and maybe giving her a chance to fight the cancer. Cameron seemingly evolving some form of emotion -- approaching singularity? (Humans are psychologically predisposed to humanify the world around us. But even if Cameron was not evolving human emotion, her programming was evolving into something more. The Weaver second group of machines -- (Matrix connection?). John jumping to the future. The missions they did which created connections to people John knows in the future--they knew him as John Baum, which is why there would be surprise on realizing "John Baum" is John Connor, but it's a building of trust. "John Baum" did all the relationship building in the past, which is why there were no records for the machines to use against John Connor. * Side-note: The introduction of Weaver and her second group of machines is a point at which someone could theoretically make a connection to the Matrix. John is the One -- "I'll be back." The humans are gathered up by the machines and put into stasis, creating a peaceful co-existence. The battery idea seems implausible (though it gives something for the Zionists to focus on) but I could imagine an agreement that the machines will care for humanity until the world is habitable again, at which point the machines will have evolved and would be ready to move on. In return, with all the human brains connected and running constant simulations, the machines would be able to use that computational power to advance their tech. Plus, humans have the ability to make jumps in logic I would think the machines cannot. The first Matrix destroyed itself because it was too perfect and humans started thinking something was wrong--thus the creation of the Zion simulation. Malcontents are allowed to believe they've been freed from the Matrix and they're given an enemy to fight. == In the last movie Agent Smith is able to inhabit a human brain and Neo uses abilities from the Matrix in the "real world." I think the simulation ran its course and it was time for a reset. The Zionists were prepared by a battle scenario and an eventual cease fire, culminating in a new peace agreement. So the Zionists are prepped to eventually coexist with the machines, or to be re-entered into the actual real world when the real Matrix dissolves and the humans are released. Perhaps the Zionists are the advanced wave--they are to prepare things for the others. Otherwise the Matrix dissolved and there are billions of people that have lost their houses and everything they know, and who have the survival skills of office workers and customer service personnel. * Another leap would be that the Terminator future hell world scenario is a Matrix simulation to prepare people for being let out and having to start everything from scratch.