Notes, Terms and Conditions:
Just so you all realize what you’re getting into…

For me to be able to add the likenesses of all you lookers who pledge at the Open Call For Extras level I'll need one good photo of your handsome self. Send the pic you'd most like the world to see and I'll take it from there. 

For you beauties who've pledged at the Walk-On and Speaking Part levels I’ll need a gyratory series of eye-level reference photos: your good looking noggins in flat, all-around light - no hard shadows please - rotated incrementally. On occasion I may ask you to re-shoot and re-send one or two of the pics until we get the angles just right. If so stay loose, stuff happens, we'll get there and it'll look awesome.

By accepting any of my Patreon rewards and having your image placed in Pepperpot Piper (not only in its current online form but in any forthcoming versions in print, downloadable file, live action or animated motion picture, audio book or any other presently existing or future media) you acknowledge that you have no claims to any considerations, honors, gifts, monies from ads, conjugal offers or other donations and/or payments made to me for the comic and its associated products in any form, or for any other conceivable reason, ever. YOUR FACE APPEARS IN THE COMIC AND THAT’S THAT.

Sponsorship is an ongoing relationship.

If you cancel your Patreon patronage before your image is placed in the online comic the reward is voided. No image.

If you cancel your Patreon patronage of this comic any time after your image appears in Pepperpot Piper I will consider the patronage to be fulfilled and your image will stay in the comic.

If you ever want your image removed from the online version of Pepperpot Piper I’ll do so within sixty (60) days of receiving the request.

I’m meticulous. I make two Pepperpot Piper pages every four weeks.

Rewards for my patrons will take weeks or even months to fulfill after you pledge, but if you really do want to leave the audience and step onto this stage for a panel or two then this is your chance.

If you can’t send your reference photos in a timely fashion your reward will be put on hold and other patrons will be allowed to cut to the front of the line. As soon as you send the necessary photos you’ll be moved back to the head of the queue and your reward will be fulfilled at the next opportunity.

Ultimately, I’m the artist, writer, editor and publisher in this one-man funny paper fiefdom. Approval of the storyline, final art and dialog in Pepperpot Piper is mine and mine alone.

The Patreon pledges are not refundable for any reason.