Notes While Observing: Playing the Coon Card

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I saw the Boots Riley movie Sorry to Bother You a few days ago. I was charmed by the  Stanfield and Thompson performances and enjoyed it up to a point, but then it started reminding me of something significant from another film — something negative — and suddenly I wasn't enjoying it anymore. 

It turns out, it was reminding me of the movie Roman J. Israel, Esq., as they both had an underlying message tainted with the filth of non-economic liberalism that's been infesting Democratic Party politics in the last 60 yrs or so. 

The protagonist in each film is a very talented American Descendant of Slavery (ADOS) going through tough economic hardship who gets noticed by an influential wealthy white man. In both films, the story's conflict begins when the ADOS is given a piece of wealth that although it elevates his economic status, all hell breaks loose (hilarity ensues). The conflict in both films is resolved when the ADOS turns away from the big money to go back to his proper place in the lower classes of society, and the viewer understands that big money and financial success is better off in the hands of white men who know how to actually manage it. In both films, the two wealthy white men end the story either becoming significantly more wealthy/successful directly from the ADOS' talent (Sorry), or the credits roll with the wealthy white man poised to achieve that next level of success off screen (Israel).

This is the type of programming beamed out of Hollywood into the ADOS communities, and it is indoctrinating us in thinking it isn't our place to be financially free and independently wealthy, that the only way to engage in capitalism is the way white men have done it as defined in the white supremacist exploitative model, that it is somehow noble & honorable to only aspire to be a wage worker in a white-owned company, we shouldn't want the headache of home/land ownership, and we should be happy allowing white people to run industry while taking care of us as their willing employees. 

This is the liberal message to ADOS and I reject it. It's one of the reasons behind the 'Integration' era trend of why ADOS don't support each other's businesses anymore. It's the smiling-in-my-face, pretending-to-be-my-friend arm of anti-Black systemic racism and it is evil.


MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.  

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