[ 'Nother Oxygen Burn FYI! ]
So:  suddenly everyone is talking about ECCC because — oh yeah, it's in less than two months, oh my GOD.  I made a goal when I started Oxygen Burn to have the first chapter (in print) for sale at ECCC 2017 (I have a table in the artists' alley, with my studio, Helioscope Studio), and I'm still clinging to that goal.  So to put it mildly:  there is a fire lit under my ass right now.

My goal is to finish the first chapter by Groundhog Day — Thursday 2 February — so I am going to be drawing like crazy this month.  I don't promise that any of it will be good, but it will be done!  (Mantra:  Done is better than good, done is better than good, done is better than good …)

So the plan is for this month to be a comics-y blitz.  (And then February will be a scramble for money to print things, woo~!)

As always, thank you so much to all of you & I hope that this comic will make you happy!!!

<3 <3 <3