Nothing I guess I could relate to someone who speaks of the same thing, who fears the same thing. I could relate in the fact that I too fear this darkness, this nothing. I call it a void, darkness with no end, a complete nothing that chills me to my very core. That is what I fear, the nothing that will consume me, the nothing that will take it all away from me. However indifferent I seem it doesn’t change the fact that I still adore people as a whole, that I still need people around me, that I still hold some people close to my heart. What would I do if I lost those people? I would shatter, I would fall, and there would be nothing left for me. I would be surrounded in nothing, in void… How can I hope to live with nothing to guide me, nothing to comfort my cold heart, nothing to warm it? What is it that I can do to warm myself? I have nothing left that I can do to warm myself, instead I let others warm me, and if I lost those ‘others’ then I would be cold yet again, the warmth that I had all but gone. It swallows you, the darkness, it holds you floating in its grasp and there is nowhere you can go and nowhere you can run, you only sit there floating with a cold heart. The darkness is warm and cold at the same time, contradicting reality as a whole and every aspect of your mind. You wonder, when you are in the darkness, what it is that you are doing there, what happened to all the light, what happened to those who you had seen previously, all those of whom you loved? They’re gone, all of them, and the darkness, the void, is all that remains to hold you. Distant, it is all distant now, the world that I used to know and the one I now come to live in. Alone, I am all alone, there is nothing, it is all gone. How do I continue on now with nothing here, everything beyond the black cloud that sits forever extending away from me? This void holds me and binds my soul to nothing, I am left alone forever, to live in my cold little world, to cry my tears that never hit the ground, only float next to me in the nothing I call home…
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