Nothing in progress this week
I'm in Kansas City this week for work, so my writing schedule has been thrown completely off. Research trips (like this one) engage different parts of my brain than administrative and editing tasks (like I do when I'm at the office), which means that I end each day with very little juice to work on creative things.

The only upside is that the location where I work when I'm on a research trip is very much an open floorplan, so there are other teams working on other projects nearby. And while sometimes we talk, they more often talk amongst themselves. And sometimes I hear snippets that are probably not what was actually said.

The gem for today was "The ley lines have fused." I'm 99% sure that was NOT what was actually said. But it still stuck in my brain, and now I want to do something with it. So I'm not sure yet what it will turn into, but someday, I'm hoping to use that in a story or novel. Keep your eyes open for it. :)