This is my first post ever since I launched my Patreon, which is just lately. Haha...

Anyways, I first would like to thank all of you who had come visit my Patreon and even more to those who had decided to become my Patrons!

Thank you very much! *bows*


Next, I'd like to inform that sadly, even though there are many variations of Pledges I post up there, BUT I have yet ready the Prizes for the other Pledges beside the ROOT BATCH. So, it is understandable if you'd like to take the first pledge only.

However, if you however decided to take other pledges beside the ROOT BATCH, I'd like to very much appreciate you if you'd wait Very Patiently for the Prizes! Even more so, if you had decided to just donate to me. I'd be really thankful and I'd somehow give my best on my works for you and I'd definitely spoil you so!


Well... Anyways, no matter what happen, I'd like to once again thank everyone who had come visit my Patreon and who had decided to become my Patrons!

I'll post some more if I have come to any works I've in mind.

(You can check What I'm Currently Working On posts buy just pledging me $0.5 or more. Thanks before! ^^)

Thank you very much!