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This is where you will find quick links to all of the content on my Patreon page. The standard Patreon UI is not the greatest, so hopefully this will make your lives a bit easier when searching through my back catalogue, looking for information, or checking in on the latest announcements and community engagement posts. This page is replacing the old 'Archive' post which was starting to get a bit out of hand. Links with (Tier Name+) can only be accessed by patrons of that tier or above. You can also filter by tier on the main page if you prefer to see the post header images.

I will post links to all new announcements, polls, competitions, community engagement and miscellaneous information here.

Weekly map sets and variants are available to all Patrons, and Free versions of each set are available to the public. Builder ($2) patrons and above also get access to unfurnished versions of the maps, as well as themed asset packs to customise them. Adventurer ($3) patrons and above get occasional bonus map variants. Use the following links to explore the existing library of content.

For a quick gallery overview of all of my maps, I have a Pinterest board exhibiting all of the free versions HERE 

Into The Wilds 

These are more generic random encounter maps for when the party is on the road, or you need something quick for an unexpected battle. Themed by region or biome.

Current themes include Rural, Forest, Desert, Swamp, Jungle, Urban, Underdark, Coastal, Ruin, Homes, and Mountains.

Ostenwold - European Style Starter Town 

This set features all of the buildings you need for your 'starter town', somewhere the intrepid heroes can safely retire to after their first taste of adventuring for some down time, shopping and role play. At least that's what you let them think...

Includes a Tavern, Blacksmith, Windmill, Garrison, Apothecary, Wizard's Tower, Church, Traders Post & Stable, Fishing Village, Farmhouse, Townhouse, Magic Shop, Brewery, Market Square and Town Map.

The Big City 

After venturing out into the world, our heroes will eventually find themselves drawn towards the Big City. Whether seeking work, fame, knowledge, riches, glory or just a little retail therapy, there is something for everyone.

Includes a Museum, Library, Theatre, Sewers, Bazaar, Suburban Homes, Manor, Ruined Manor, Bank, Town Hall, Prison, Hunting Lodge, Hotel, Asylum, Colosseum, Villa, Temples, City Gates , Casino, The Hall of Heroes, The Grand Western Train Station, Modular Train Car Set, Warehouse, Wharf, Three Taverns, Adventurer's Guildhall, Mages College, Palace of the Emperor & City Map.

Ancient Worlds 

Every new civilisation is built upon the bones of the one that came before.  Delve deep enough and you might just find some remnants of these long forgotten places. Ancient ruins, antiquated temples and  abandoned kingdoms are surprisingly prevalent if you look hard enough.

Includes a Ruined Watchtower, Mountain Temple, Desert Pyramid, Archaeological Excavation, Floating Island, & Dwarven Kingdom.

Iido - Feudal Japan Inspired Town 

This East Asian inspired town may at first seem like a quiet peaceful settlement, nestled between the mountains and the sea, but bubbling below the surface is a widening chasm between the townsfolk and their new Daimyo. Whispers of rebellion and the faint smell of smoke linger in the air.

Includes Peasant Home, Farmers' House, General Store, Eta Village, Samurai Home, Roadside Storehouse, Tea House, Geisha Residence, Pagoda, Daimyo's Castle & Town Map.

The Frontier 

Life is hard out on the fringes of civilisation, but that hardness both attracts and builds a certain kind of person, a certain kind of people. Exploration and innovation guide those pioneers seeking a new life out here on the edge, free from the strictures of society, but it is not without its own dangers.

Includes Bandit Hideout, Train Bridge, Canyon Outpost, Ranch, Burial Grounds & Militia Camp. (More coming soon!)

Distant Shores 

The world is a rich and diverse place with numerous cultures and races inhabiting it.  By travelling to every corner of the world and spending time amongst the different peoples that call it home, you will open your eyes and mind to countless possibilities.

Includes a Jungle Village, Ziggurat,  Mud Fort & Desert Hotel. (More coming soon)

The High Seas 

The world is more water than land, but much of it remains unexplored or at least unknown to most. Those lucky few who get to experience life on the seas know both the beauty and the peril that comes from such an existence.

Includes Sinbarr Island Town Map, The Endless Horizon Galleon/Airship, The Storm's Call Galleon/Airship & Arcane Lighthouse. (More coming soon)

Crossing the Planes 

The material plane is just one of many, and by most accounts the least interesting. Those with an inquisitive mind and daring nature may seek out the places where it crosses close enough to the other planes of existence and take the leap. 

Includes The Fey Courts. (More coming soon)

Hideouts & Lairs 

Whether man or beast, all creatures need a pace to rest their head. You may think that approaching them in such a place would be a good opportunity to catch them unawares, but don't forget that they will have the home advantage.

Includes a Cultists Hideout, Dark Wizards Tower, Hydra Island, Volcanic Lair, Cloning Lab,  Master Forge , Dragon Cult Temple, Crystal Mines, Ice Caves & Vampires Haunted House. (More coming soon)

Themed asset packs are released each week along with my map sets for Builder ($2) patrons and above. Use the links below to explore the existing library of content.

Free Assets

Paid Asset  (Builder+)

Dungeondraft Assets

Moulinette Cloud for Foundry VTT Integration (Forgemaster+)

Token packs are released each month for Adventurer ($3) patrons and above. Warrior ($8) patrons get the opportunity to commission a custom character token once per month. Use the links below to explore the existing library of content.

Free Tokens

Creature Tokens (Traveller+)

Creature Tokens + Variants (Builder+)

Character Set Tokens (Adventurer+)

Patron Commission Tokens (Adventurer +)

New 5e Adventure modules written by Alex from Tavern Tales are released each month for Adventurer ($3) patrons and above. There are also a number of free adventures and modules available from my collaborators. Use the links below to explore the existing library of content.

Free 5e Adventures & Supplements

Paid 5e Adventures & Supplements (Traveller+)

Paid 5e Adventures & Supplements (Adventurer+)

Qua-Soko Unveiled - An Ostenwold Adventure Series by DMDave (Adventurer+)

Foundry Map Modules are released each week for Forgemaster ($4) patrons and above. These are pre-setup scenes that include the maps, all map variants, walls, dynamic lighting, assets and journal entries for quick play in Foundry VTT. Use the links below to explore the existing library of content.

Free Foundry Modules

Ostenwold Module - 60 Free maps from my Starter Town Series 

The Cycle of Cerberus - A Free Campaign Module of Herculean Proportion! 

Mad Biomancer's Tower - A Free Adventure for 5th Level 5e

Foundry Map Modules (Forgemaster+)

Iido Module - All Maps & Assets from my Iido Town Series in one bundle

Weekly Map Modules  - New Map Modules added every week!

Moulinette Cloud for Foundry VTT Integration (Forgemaster+)

Foundry Adventure Modules (Forgemaster +)

I am very lucky to have worked with many other talented TTRPG creators, and will hopefully continue to do so. Here are some links to their Patreon pages and websites in case you are looking for more content. 



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Music & Ambience

Foundry VTT 

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