Notice to Patrons who requested songs/pieces:
Firstly, happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a good Christmas for those who celebrated it.

Secondly, I will be releasing the Patron requests on the 4th Jan instead of the 2nd as usual. This is because although Patreon charges your debit/credit cards on the 1st of the month, because of the New Year, your pledges will not show up as being processed or declined until around the 3rd/4th Jan.

So, to make sure that all have been processed correctly for the month of Dec, your sheet music will be released on the 4th Jan.

I'm so sorry for any inconvenience caused, but I do hope that you all understand. I'm kind of at the mercy of Patreon this time and this will not happen every month - just this time; considering the time of year!

This also goes for the links to the mp3's and my violin back catalog as again, I need to check who's payments have processed and who's have not etc before I send out the new links to all appropriate Patrons.

Normal upload service will resume this week also in terms of videos and sheet music for both the piano & violin etc. I know I have been a little slack over the last couple of weeks, but with Christmas and the New Year, I have just taken some time off to spend it with family and take a little break, as I know most of you guys have too.

Anyway, all for now and I will see you all in my next post which will be released on Wednesday (3rd)!

Oh, and I have a couple of very AWESOME violin tutorials coming up which I have made EXCLUSIVELY for my Patrons...!

Happy New Year to you all,