Nov '16: Monthly Mumble
'I hurt' could be the best way to describe me after the work I've had to do in the last five days.  One could call the event the 'Pizza Shop of Horrors'.  Essentially, the company I stopgap at considers Halloween their biggest night of the year.  So from last Thursday until Monday night, it was non-stop heavy duty work.  Between several extremely long days (12 + hours), and unhelpful understaffing, I've ended up sore from the physical work. 

Long story short:  Lots of sheeting and wrapping, lots of pre-made pizzas, and a lot of throwing away of unused dough (300 lbs all said and done.  There's an area manager who's overly optimistic numbers are going to get her reamed by the higher-ups.  So much of my work Friday, in the dumpster Monday night).

But I digress.  I managed to get my Halloween-themed chapter for The Files of Nurse Redheart out, if out very early Tuesday morning.  But I consider it still Monday night until sunrise.  Plus, I ended up going with the vote on the character to do so that's a double bonus.

For Sleeping with the Girls, I've progressed slowly, stopping mainly to review the previous 'loop' of the story, assign priorities, and gather up some thoughts and information for myself.  Mainly, I have a very 'loose' idea of what I wanted to end the Ah My Goddess portion of this loop on, but I realized as I progressed through the current chapter that if I kept trying to go 'seat of my pants' I'd write myself into a hole and have problems.  Marller needs more focus and personality as one of the noted 'wake up next to' characters (or on top of, as her sleeping arrangements would require...), the upcoming mess Hild's about to point me headlong into needs to be thoroughly fleshed out.  I want to do this section a little less... 'curtly' than the previous loop.  It deserves at least that much extra attention.

In other news, depending on a job prospect I got pointed at in Early Oct, I may or may not be moving to Virginia or Kentucky.  The position I want is in Virginia, and I could make use of my uncle's lake house as a temporary (or even permanent if I could end up affording it) residence.  But if push comes to shove, I might take Kentucky.  It depends on corporate higher-ups above the guy who essentially said 'get this guy' (me) to call him.  No promises.  But it's better than all the prospects I've had to date.

Until next month...

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