"NOVA" - 10.4.16
In about 1 week, the 5th installment of my living album "Inside/Out" will be available - This track is entitled "Nova", and it features Ruben Alvarez of Upon A Burning Body.

Sign up now to pre-order and reserve your spot to get "Nova" - a song that is as gangster as it is metal, and genre wise one of the most vast songs that I've been a part of ...I'm thinking you should probably watch this video clip to see what I'm talking about. This track is equal parts Slipknot, Dr. Dre, Chimaira, Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, and even Prodigy... A combo that works, but makes no sense to my mind still haha

If you take the leap and join me on Patreon, you will get this song, as well as 1 song per month featuring a different artist on every track... And by subscribing, you will also be helping Ruben and I raise funds for kids who have been affected by war in Syria by donating to OxfamAmerica.org

Find out more about this song and our process for making it when you get the $5 playthrough video/interview - Or you can even get studio session files and guitar tabs for this song and learn every little tweedle-deedle your ears are drawn to!

Let the games begin!

- Dan Sugarman




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