Nova v0.2.1 released!
What's new




SMPC: Fixed command SYSRES(Force Master SH2 to run Power-On vector).

VDP1: Fixed manual change/erase frame buffer(ST-V VDP1/VDP2 HARDWARE TEST).

SYSTEM: Implemented TITAN mode(Preliminary).

SYSTEM: Rewrote the startup procedure.

SYSTEM: Rewrote the cartridge subsystem.

SYSTEM: Refactored the CD subsystem.

GRAPHIC: Fixed screen flickering.

GUI: Enabled menu item "Boot".

MISC: Supported CD drive(Preliminary).

MISC: Added "Software Reset"(Hold <Shift> when "Reset", equivalent to START+A+B+C).

MISC: Added more options in nova.ini.

MISC: Fixed a bug of the INI parser when there are square brackets within a property.

MISC: Fixed a bug of dragging and dropping files directly to the executable.

MISC: Some file names were changed,

      "primary_01.bup" >>> "sat_primary_01.bup"

      "memcard_01.bup" >>> "sat_memcard_01.bup"

      "battery.sav" >>> "sat_battery.sav"

Thanks to all of the testers, translators and patrons of Nova. :)

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