Novae 1 Year Anniversary!
1 year ago on October 7th we launched Novae! We started with just a cover and now we have 3 chapters and 111 pages! The first volume is coming to a mini climax but will soon spiral into a much greater arc. 

We can't believe all the support that we've received since the launch. All the shout-outs, the wonderful thoughtful and funny comments, reviews, and all the beautiful gift/fan art and music. We couldn't be happier as creators, our hearts have been thoroughly warmed. 

A huge huge thank you to all our patrons! You are all making Novae possible and giving us the resources and strength to keep going!

Here's to another year! We're so excited for whats to come this year. 

We have a mini projected schedule for what we're planning over the next 12 months.

October 30th - Complete the 4th chapter

Dec or Jan - Complete the 5th and final chapter for Volume 1

Feb or March - Launch our Kickstarter for Volume 1

April - Complete the sixth chapter (First chapter of the second volume)

June - Hopefully we'll have physical copies of the first volume! 

July-Oct - Convention season starts for us and we'll also work on Chapter 7 & 8 


Here are some of the conventions we're hoping to attend next year!

Denver Comic Con (Denver, CO)

Flame Con (NYC)

SPX or Otakon (Baltimore, MD)

NDK (Denver, CO) 

Yaoi Con (Santa Clara, CA)

Some of these are lottery based, so fingers crossed :D


Whew, that's a lot of things planned and depending on our Patreon, we might be doing even more! 

Thank you all so much again, we truly can't express how much your support means to us! Onwards! <3 (ノ´ヮ´ )ノ*:・゚✧

- KaiJu (Kate + Jen) 

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