The Novel Experience Event in Atlanta
Esteemed Patreon supporters, 

OMG that was a fun event!  This previous weekend I'd been invited to participate in The Novel Experience Event - being with readers and other authors in erotic romance, among other genres.  Parties, food, Villain's Ball, and of course, the free to the public book signing on Saturday rocked!

What was most fun for me, aside from connecting with my readers, was getting to see some of the authors I've been talking to, flirting with, and helping or being helped by for the first time ever.   I remember hugging Sherry Finklin and turning to see a reader, handing her my card and her saying "I know you.  I own most of your back list."

I wrapped my arms around her and gave her the biggest hug I possibly could, because that meant she owns over 30+ of my titles.  She's definitely a reader who enjoys Stories of Everlasting Love!

The BDSM panel was short, but fast paced.  I met Elle Vaughn, author of Dark, a really twisted BDSM novelette, Julie Morgan, Biance Summerland and Milly Taiden, all of whom I have been reading recently.

The women were so accepting of me and so awesome to hang around.  

Oh, and creative.  The Villains Ball had some amazing costumes too.  I wish I could show all the photos, but I'm still downloading just the ones featuring yours truly.

Oh, I'll say it here too.  Author Tilly Green is a slightly older Nina Pierce.  She's SO cute and adorable!  

I didn't get to hang out with everyone as much as I wanted to, but I will say spending time with Ayeisha Monique was about another one of the greatest moments. That woman has amazing energy and was super excited to be around all of us.  

There will be a video but that'll be for my paid Patreon supporters, uploaded shortly.

Thank you for stopping by, for supporting my dreams, thank you to Stella Price for an amazing event and I'm looking forward to many more.

Sascha Illyvich