novembeat 2017
i'm participating in novembeat this year! a daily, month-long practice of creating music from scratch. 

everyone sort of has their own rules, but my goal is to make at least 16 bars or 30 seconds of material and spend around an hour doing it every day.

some of it is just synth jams n others r more cohesive tunes. amuna select some to fully produce by the end of it. there's already some good ideas i'd like to spend more time developing!

right now i post each one on twitter in a thread (link at the end). a playlist is available for trainspotter & collector tier patrons.

at the end of it all, i'll be assembling it into a compilation w complete artwork. it'll be bandcamp for a limited time as well as available for collectors.

any complete stuff that results during this month, whether novembeat or otherwise, will of course be for download for singles club members.

thanks for ur support as always!!

twitter thread: