November Promises
Hello! I can't believe it's November already and 2017 is almost over, time goes by way too quickly.

For this month, I'm hoping to get two photoshoots done, one will be my Super Sonico milk bath featuring the cow bikini, I'm currently just setting up a time and location for it. I'd also like to finally get a Virgin Killer sweater shoot done for Lucoa! That seems to be a fave so I'll be doing that, and I'm considering getting a Christmas shoot done too just to get a head start on December promises

In the next few days I'll send out the link of my Super Sonico makeup test selfies, just to tide over for a while.

For anyone in the $20+ tiers that get prints, the milkbath will be a part of the prints I send out, as well as Lucoa virgin killer shoot (I'll give a choice between the two for $20, and the higher tiers will get both!).

I'm super excited for this month! I've left my second job which is going to give me full weekends off, and I'll be using that to focus on cosplay! I'm hoping for this month to be amazing and wonderful, and I hope everyone can experience a wonderful month with me.