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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Thank You! You're now a patron and supporting me and my endeavors! Thank You from the deepest part of my heart!
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You will be mentioned in my weekly shout out on Facebook and Tumblr for supporting me and you'll get to see my art here no one on other sites get to see such as sketches and tutorials on how I do specifics!
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By Golly Thank You!! You've been entered in a weekly raffle to pick the next creature to be featured in my next piece! ( A new person will be picked each time)
You will also get an email including the MSF file, the sketch and the original picture! Just don't forget to provide your email so I can send it to you!
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You support me this much you first of all get my ever lasting love and thanks for supporting me this much!

You will also get to pick a theme and creature(s) of your choice in 2 full all out, soul poured into, all the care in the world applied to pictures and you will be emailed the MSF files and the original pictures through email to keep as your own!

You will also be provided with a link to a video session of the piece(s) as they are being made and you can share the link with your friends to make it fun!

Plus  the benefits of the previous pledges!
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