November 2015 Patreon giveaway winner
I usually try to have our Patreon updates ready to go during the first weekend of a new month, but I'm unfortunately a week late. I'm very much sorry for that! Now that the new site is finished, I hope to have everything back on track in time for January.

For the month of November, the blue Yarn Yoshi amiibo was our giveaway. I'm happy to announce that Robert Doughan is the winner! I'll be in touch soon to arrange the sending of your prize.

As for this month, with all of the hype surrounding Smash Bros., we have a copy of the 3DS version to hand out to one of our Patreon members. So long as you're pledging $5+ by the end of December, you'll be automatically eligible.

As always, I'm extremely appreciative to each one of you who are helping us out on Patreon. Every contribution means a great deal to me!