November 2016 Song Release
Happy November! This month's song is titled 

Lucid Dream

Sound Cloud:

As my description on the Sound Cloud page mentions, this is my first real test of FL Studio. I've been a big fan of Ableton for my more professional music, but something told me that I needed to try FL Studio again after accruing experience across 3 other DAWs. Previously I've only used FL's free version in a small capacity, so I'm happy to present the first "real" song I've  made from FL.

This song is both a bit mellow and a bit crazy.  It starts off peaceful, but builds itself into a peppy chorus before slowing back down for the next verse. When experimenting with FL Studio and what kind of music packs it offered, I ran across a saxophone that I liked. It was then I decided that I needed to write a song incorporating that sax.  The inclusion of the sax made me get a little crazy when using it, thus I sorta ended up with a two toned song with quick transitions from slow to fast and fast to slow. It's these transitions that made me think of a dream when naming this song - sometimes a dream is peaceful, and sometimes it can be crazy and hectic.

Anyhoo, enjoy~

Timeline: November 2016

Tools Used: 
- FL Studio +varazdin orchestral music pack  +DSK Music pack

- Yamaha reface DX

- Yamaha DGX-640 USB Piano

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