November 2017 VWA CACI Set of the month Preview
Hi Everyone,

I decided to just give out the reset of our INK Series 2017 to become our coloring set for this month and for next month as I do know your busy for the holiday seasons. 

To decide on our Top 10 for this month I have used the site to get the results and the screenshot result is shown down below.

Note: For NEW PATRONS - Sign up for support is only OPEN for V and W Teir Rewards.  

The 'A' Teir Reward is Closed at the moment for just the month of November and December 2017. But if you choose to still want to support me on the $ 20 Pledge I can just give out the previous rewards that you wanted to have. 

Again Thank you for your continuous support and especially for your patience here on my Patreon. 

God Bless and Have an awesome Holiday Seasons.

Hugs, Alfred ^_^