November 2018 Reader's Choice Review
UPDATE:  Nominations are now closed! Thank you for all your suggestions, and follow this link to vote on which one I'll cover! Voting ends on Wednesday 11/7 at 10am PST! 

Welcome to the inaugural Reader's Choice review selection! I'm sure you've read all the flowery stuff already, so here are the details:

- All readers can nominate one game

- The game must be released already or scheduled to release in November

- The game can be at most $20 on Steam at normal price (sale prices will not be considered)

- I can't review free-to-play or MMO titles, so don't nominate them

- I reserve the right to veto any nominations during the nomination process

That's it! I suggest using this power to nominate new or recent games, but you're welcome to nominate anything on Steam that fits these criteria.

Nominations will close at 10am PST on Monday 11/5, giving you ample time to ponder and research your selection. I will also offer up my own nomination at some point, which we'll roll with if no one else nominates anything. After that we'll vote on all the nominated titles over a 48-hour period ending on Wednesday, at which point we'll have our game to review!

All right, enough talk. Tell me what you want to see!